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The following is a listing of the types of services we can provide, by service area:

Family Law Litigation

Family Law Litigation

Working under the direction of you and your attorney, we can provide a wide range of services in regard to the financial aspects of your divorce case. Some examples of the services we can provide include:

♦ Financial Affidavit preparation

♦ Assist with document production and developing document requests

♦ Identification and valuation of assets and liabilities

♦ Preparation of a Schedule of Equitable Distribution

♦ Standard of Living (Lifestyle) Analysis preparation

♦ Alimony and Child Supp0rt Calculations

♦ Business Valuations

♦ Income Analysis

♦ Pension Valuations

♦ Forensic Accounting

♦ Development of settlement proposals

♦ Assistance at mediation or settlement conferences

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a way to resolve your divorce outside of the court system. It is an interdisciplinary approach led by a team consisting of each party's attorney, a neutral financial professional and a neutral mental health professional. See the "Related Links" page for links to additional information on collaborative divorce.

Business Valuations (Non-Litigation)

Business Valuations (Non-Litigation)

Business valuations, or business appraisals, may be needed for a variety of purposes outside of litigation. There are three types of reports available depending on your needs: a detailed report, a summary report or a calculation report. Please contact us to discuss your situation and the business valuation services we can provide.

Other Litigation

Other Litigation

For other types of litigation (other than divorce) we can provide consulting or expert witness testimony in the areas of business valuation, lost profits calculations, damages calculations and forensic accounting.

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